Our Services

Our Services

Link Education Consulting, has extensive experience in conducting education program reviews that focus on results, examine program effectiveness, and target areas for improvement. These services build on Link Education Consulting’s strong background in program evaluation, school reform, special education and literacy, are designed to enable program leaders and other decision makers to answer essential questions about student progress and program effectiveness, pinpoint specific areas of strength and identify improvement targets.

We work closely with our clients to customize a program, so that our services answer the most essential questions of the students and provide solutions accordingly.

Apply to College or University


With over 25 years of experience in admissions, and networking with schools throughout North America, Linked Education Consulting is well-equipped to guide students through their application processes. We help students prepare the necessary documentation for school applications, to meet with admissions requirements. This extraordinary and personalized service ensures that students are placed at a school that will best meet their needs

English summer camp


English summer or winter camp combines intensive, oral -focused classes with action-packed activities in a safe, multicultural environment. Teenagers will improve their skills quickly both in and out of the classroom with fun, interesting classes and daily afternoon activities. On weekends students will participate in day trips to the world famous places. Student safety, quality education and a great deal of fun are on top of the list in this experience of a lifetime.

Homestay and Residency


One of the most important steps in planning any study abroad experience is deciding where you will live while you study. That is why Link Education specializes in finding the right solution for our students. Whether you want to live with a host family or stay in a residence, we have plenty of options to fit your expectations for accommodation

Apply to ESL school


We provide educational consulting services to international student looking for an environment where they can grow and develop into academically well-rounded students, as well as develop intercultural skills to be tomorrow’s active and caring global citizens.

Health Insurance


No one intends to become ill while studying abroad, but the wise traveler plans ahead. It is best to completely understand the health care system of whatever country you’re in; Canada’s health care system is no exception. All international students who study in Canada are required to have health insurance and we can assist you with that.

Private teachers


We specialize in private tutorials for adults and school-aged children. Private tutorials are the best option for students who need direct instruction. Meet one-on-one with your teacher to work on any of the areas that you may need help. After an interview and assessment, we will customize a course to fit your needs.

High School / High School Credits


Our partner schools offer courses to help you get your high school diploma (Ontario Secondary School Diploma). You may be able to take credit courses through distance-learning or teacher-led studies.

Airport Pick-up


Many parents and students worry about how they will get from the airport to school. Arriving in a new country can be strange and disconcerting and when you are doing it on your own and for the first time it can be even more worrying. Our student airport pickup service helps and gives parents the peace of mind that their child will arrive at school safely.

Seminar & Events


Conferences and educational seminars and events are fantastic opportunities to share latest developments in the field of education and educational research. Conferences are also great opportunities to network and transfer knowledge; an added value that we place massive emphasis on. That’s why we team up with well-known and well established conference providers and professionals.

Using Link office address as your own


“If you are new in Canada and don’t have any permanent address yet or even for some important mails from your Country you are very welcome to use our address as it’s your own!

Provide integrated educational consultancy services


We provide educational consultancy services for governmental organisations, non-governmental organisations, civil society organisations and privately owned centres and schools. We provide Strategic Planning and Management consultancy services as well as outsourcing and recruitment solutions. If you have any request or questions regarding any of our Strategic Planning services, please write to us and we would be delighted to explain in detail our terms of business in this regard.

Comprehensive Immigration Services


For student visa, visa and other services we work with well known Immigration Law firm – Rekai LLP / Mobility Law – for any immigration related issues.

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