Immaculate High School

Immaculate High School

Immaculata Regional High School is a Roman Catholic high school situated in Kelowna, B.C. Canada. It was under the direction of the Kelowna Catholic Independent School Council

We offer a wonderful opportunity for international students to come for a year or multiple years towards graduation. Our international students are highly valued and supported by teachers, support staff and the school community in general. Our homestay families are all involved with our school by having students at our school or within the Catholic community.
The international students will be supported by having a specific program coordinator in the school who is in the classrooms and there to constantly liaison between the teachers, students and families.

We have excellent sports, academic, music and fine arts programs which create opportunities in varied areas. We have been recognized as the Most Outstanding School in British Columbia by BC School Sports for our athletic programs and have been recognized as the Best School in the Okanagan by the Best of Okanagan magazine.

The Okanagan valley of British Columbia offers students abundant outdoor opportunities including golf, watersports and alpine skiing to name a few. For the visiting parents, our region in well known for our world class winemaking and abundance of fruits and vegetables.


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Kelowna, B.C. Canada.

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Full-time and program from grades 8 through 12

Academics program


At Immaculata Regional High School we have implemented the BC Science program for our junior students. In addition to a traditional textbook, this program includes a workbook for each student along with access to web-based enrichment material. We offer courses at the senior levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Here we strive to prepare our students for their post-secondary endeavors using an approach that includes both academic and hands on components.
Tutorials for extra help and exam preparation are offered weekly in most of these courses. WE have students annually participate in Science Fair and have had a number of students recognized for their outstanding achievement.


We are pleased to offer all students of Immaculata Regional High School access to the school’s computers, computer network and the Internet. Courses are offered in each grade and are available to all students.
Information Literacy
·         positive attitudes toward technology
·         problem-solving and critical-thinking skills related to the use of technology
·         information technology literacy
·         lifelong learning patterns and skills
·         knowledge relevant to careers in ICT


This department supports the learning assistance and Special Education at Immaculata Regional High School. The program is currently operated by a Student Support Services Coordinator, a special education teacher along with an experienced team of four CEAs and four EAs. Programs are tailored to the individual student’s needs whether it is a few classroom accommodations or a completely modified program.

Specialists such as vision and hearing teachers, speech and language pathologists, and occupational therapists, are contracted by the school both as consultants for the classroom teachers or to supply direct services to students. It is the aim of the program to assist all students in being successful with their educational goals.


We offer 3 streams of mathematics in grades 11 and 12; Apprenticeship and Workplace Mathematics, Foundations of Mathematics, and Pre-Calculus. In addition grade 12 students can elect to study Calculus 12 in preparation for college courses. In grade 10 students follow either Apprenticeship and Workplace Mathematics or Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus. In grade 8 and 9 students follow a comprehensive mathematics program. All mathematics courses follow the Western and North Canadian Protocol (WNCP).


Social Studies 8, 9, 10 and 11 are courses required for high school graduation. The content varies with each grade level but geographic and historical focus is common as is the teaching of the knowledge and skills necessary to master the next grade level.

Current events are stressed throughout the grades. The Social Studies Department also offers the following electives: Geography 12, History 12 and Law 12.


English is required in Grades 8 through 12 for high school graduation. English courses at each grade level focus on the study of language and literature with emphasis on reading, writing, viewing, listening, speaking and informational literacy skills. Students study and interpret texts from contemporary and historical periods.

The work in each year’s English course builds upon the concepts that have been acquired in previous years. Emphasis is placed on a student’s ability to communicate effectively in speaking and writing. The English Department also offers courses that meet the needs of students who struggle with English.


Grade 8 to 10 students participate in weekly workshops with various speakers from the community or staff members. Students begin to look at and plan for their future education and career ambitions. Furthermore we discuss a wide variety of issues surrounding health including drug abuse, nutrition, exercise, stress management and healthy relationships.

As part of this course students are also required to complete thirty hours of community service. Given that community service includes serving school, church or community, many organizations have benefited from our students assistance.


Graduation Transitions 12 is required for graduation in British Columbia. It is an opportunity for students to reflect on their knowledge and abilities and to prepare for a successful transition to life after secondary school.

Students will form a plan for life after graduation by collecting evidence of their achievements in the following required areas: Personal Health, Community Connections and Career & Life.