About Us

At Link ED – Link Education Consulting Inc. we work with students, their families and other consultants to ensure that students are placed in prestigious schools, colleges and universities in Canada.

Link ED was founded by group of professionals, in order to provide educational consulting services to international student looking for an environment, where they can grow and develop into academically well-rounded students, as well as develop intercultural skills to be tomorrow’s active and caring global citizens.

“Global Citizen” means having a global awareness and understanding. To truly develop into a skilled and confident global citizen, a student needs to be fully integrated into a community that offers global diversity, inclusiveness and understanding. The talented students of today are the economic, political and administrative leaders of tomorrow.

With over 25 years of experience in admissions, and networking with schools throughout North America, Linked Education Consulting is well-equipped to guide students through their application processes. We help them prepare the necessary documentation for school applications, to meet with admissions requirements. This extraordinary and personalized service ensures that students are placed at a school that will best meet their needs.

At Link Ed, we provide the most up to date information and personalized counseling to students who are looking to study in Canada and other countries which offer higher education to international students.

Our Mission

Link ED strives to be a leader in education service industry using a client focused, proactive and innovative approach in planning, developing, and service delivering. We will meet the changing needs of a diverse ethno-cultural community while encouraging the full growth and development of our clients and staff.


Our ultimate client is the student.

Learn by experience

Our work with educators and students ultimately affects learning.

Achievement driven

The purpose of our work is to improve student achievement.

We grow with you

The direction of our consulting work is guided by our continuous improvement process.

You are never alone

The consulting is part of a learning community.

Not just about courses

Partnerships with schools and communities to improve student well-being.

We do research

Applying relevant research and information to the decisions related to programs and services.

New ways to assist you

Expanding our technical knowledge and understanding of new systems to better serve students.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality language instruction.